Google Ads Display Certification Exam Answers 2024 - PDF

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Google Ads Display Certification

Are you looking for a Google Ads Display Exam Answers 2024 sheet?

Get Google Ads Display Certification Exam Answers 2024 (Updated) and Become a Google Ads Display Certified Expert. Using this answer sheet, you will pass the Google Ads Display Exam.

Google Ads Display Assessment Details:

  • Questions: 50 questions
  • Time: 75 minutes to finish the assessment
  • Passing Score: 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake Period: If you don’t pass, you can take it again after 1 day
  • Validity Period: 12 Months

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Some Updated Questions:

  • Phillip wants to create a new Google Display Ad campaign and base his targeting on an existing remarketing list named Checkout Abandoners.
  • How can the Similar Audiences targeting option help Phillip achieve his marketing goals?
  • Priya only has $500 a month to spend on her campaign, but she needs to drive as many potential customers as possible to her website.
  • Which type of automated bidding strategy would be best for Priya’s campaign?
  • Quinn recently launched a Display campaign for his women’s clothing store. Since the launch, his website traffic has increased, but sales have remained flat.
  • Which story shows Quinn using remarketing to drive action?
  • Rashid wants to raise awareness of his brand and build campaigns focused on branded terms. He does not have much time to devote to daily bid management, so he decided to use automated bidding to lighten his workload.
  • Which automated bidding strategy should Rashid consider using?
  • Rebecca is a marketing executive at an airline company. She has been asked to plan her company’s online advertising budget on a monthly basis. She’s chosen Google Ads’ Performance Planner to help accomplish this task.
  • What are two advantages Performance Planner offers Rebecca? (Choose two.)
  • Robert manages a website that sells sporting goods. He wants his products to be featured in various online sporting publications while potential customers are researching and comparing different football brands online.
  • Which option will help Robert influence customer consideration?
  • Samira recently opened an online potted plant store and needs to promote it. She has chosen Google Ads because it offers advertisers different campaign types that determine where ads will appear and in what format they will display when viewed.
  • What Google campaign type will help her reach her most valuable audiences?
  • Sierra owns a small business and handles many responsibilities, from logistics to marketing. She’s seen a lot of success with Google Search (hundreds of conversions a month) and would like to increase her reach by creating a Display campaign. But she’d like it to be as effortless as possible.
  • What type of Display campaign should she run?
  • Simon’s using a Google Smart Display campaign to build out his ads.
  • What benefit do Google Smart Display campaigns give Simon?
  • Siona needs to make sure her ads are getting a minimum number of impressions on the top of the page.
  • Which type of automated bidding strategy is Siona using?
  • Siona needs to make sure her ads are getting a minimum number of impressions on the top of the page.
  • What type of automated bidding strategy is Siona using?
  • Steve wants to use Google Display Ads to reach new customers who are looking to purchase products similar to his.
  • Which audience type should Steve try to reach to meet his marketing goal?
  • Susan doesn’t have time to create Display Ads herself. She hopes to use a Smart Display campaign to automatically generate ads.
  • Which two building blocks must Susan supply in order for a Smart Display campaign to automate her ad creation? (Choose two.)
  • The customer journey has become more complex, requiring a dedicated bidding strategy. Google’s solution is automated bidding.
  • How can automated bidding benefit advertisers? (Choose two.)
  • Thelma is the marketing director for an online toy store. She’s creating a Display campaign to reach parents between the ages of 25 to 34.
  • Which targeting option should Thelma select to achieve her marketing goal?
  • Trevor has discounted an entire line of products on his website and wants to use Google Display Ads to drive sales.
  • How does Google Display Ads targeting help Trevor reach his marketing objective?
  • Trevor owns a manufacturing business that makes specialized hiking and rock climbing gear. He is a very small player in the market, but he is ready to scale up his business.
  • Which Google Ads campaign type should Trevor use to increase his brand’s exposure and reach audiences with interests in hiking and rock climbing across the web?
  • Trina is using automated bidding as part of her Google Ads Search bidding strategy.
  • Why might she prefer automated bidding?
  • Using the Performance Planner on a monthly basis allows you to optimize which two aspects of an account? (Choose two.)
  • Viktor’s been tracking the conversions in his Display campaign for the last 30 days. He’s had 24 conversions over that time, and plans to use target return on ad spend (ROAS) as his automated bidding strategy.
  • Which type of automated bidding strategy will Viktor be using?
  • What are key factors to keep in mind when choosing a bidding strategy for your campaign?
  • What are two benefits of automated bidding? (Choose two.)
  • What are two examples of the types of audiences you could reach when using Affinity Audiences as a targeting option? (Choose two.)
  • What are two reasons a marketer might use responsive display ads? Choose two.
  • What are two ways Google Ads can fuel your business goals? (Choose two.)
  • What are two ways that Performance Planner can help reveal the possibilities across all your Google Ads campaigns? (Choose two.)
  • What can automated bidding help an advertiser improve?
  • What can the Performance Planner assist you with?
  • What can the Performance Planner recommend?
  • What does a Responsive Display Ad use in its machine-learning model to determine the optimal combination of assets for your ad slot?
  • What does Performance Planner automatically do?
  • What is a key benefit of Smart Display campaigns?
  • What is a valid recommendation that the Performance Planner can provide?
  • What is one of the reasons why an advertiser should consider using Performance Planner on a monthly basis?
  • What is one way that Performance Planner helps businesses increase sales?
  • What’s a characteristic of Responsive Display Ads?
  • What’s a key benefit of Responsive Display Ads? (Duplicate 1)
  • What’s a key benefit of Responsive Display Ads? (Duplicate 2)
  • What’s an advantage of Responsive Display Ads?
  • What’s an advantage of the reach of Responsive Display Ads?
  • What’s an advantage of using Responsive Display Ads?
  • What’s one benefit of using responsive display ads?
  • What’s one reason to use a responsive display ad for your campaign?
  • What’s provided by Responsive Display Ads?
  • When a Responsive Display Ad is automatically assembled, what’s adjusted to fit the ad slot?
  • When deciding between Responsive Display Ads and uploaded ads, when would you opt for control rather than for efficiency?
  • When should you use AMPHTML ads? (Choose two.)
  • When should you use responsive display ads?
  • When visibility is the campaign goal, which bidding strategy should an advertiser choose?
  • Which Display Ad format adjusts to available ad space?
  • Which Display Ad format automatically creates ads from uploaded headlines, logos, images, and videos?
  • Which Display Ad format runs in both native and non-native inventory?
  • Which Display Ad format should you use if you’re concerned about malware and want a secure ad experience across platforms?
  • Which factors should an advertiser consider when deciding on a bidding strategy?
  • Which group would you be able to reach with a Google Display campaign using demographic targeting?
  • Which statement accurately describes the reach of Affinity Audiences’ targeting?
  • Which statement is true about Responsive Display Ads?
  • Which statement is true about the value of Google Display Ads?
  • Which two are available in Google Ads? (Choose two.)
  • Which two statements are true about how you can use targeting options to optimize a Google Ads campaign? (Choose two.)
  • Which type of automated bidding strategy is enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)?
  • Which type of automated bidding strategy is target cost-per-acquisition (CPA)?
  • Which type of automated bidding strategy is Target return on ad spend (ROAS)?
  • While managing a successful Google Ads campaign, why would you choose automated bidding instead of manual bidding?
  • Why does automating your bid versus using manual bidding contribute to a successful Google Ads campaign?
  • Why is using the performance targets feature after utilizing the Performance Planner recommended?
  • Why should campaigns with different marketing objectives be separated into different Performance Planner plans?
  • Why should your business use Performance Planner?
  • You can leverage Google Ads’ automated bidding strategy to help get the most from your advertising budget.
  • What are two benefits of using automated bidding? (Choose two.)
  • You choose Influence consideration as your marketing objective and the Similar Audiences targeting option for a Google Display Ad campaign.
  • In Google Display Ad campaigns, what are Similar Audiences built from?
  • You manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget, yet you need to reach as many people as possible.
  • How can Google Ads help?
  • Your company provides home maintenance services and you want to reach more potential customers. You have a limited budget to work with.
  • Why is Google Ads right for you?
  • Your company wants to have greater success online.
  • What are two ways that Google Ads can drive your business goals? (Choose two.)
  • You’ve been tasked with marketing a new line of plumbing services, but you have a set budget that you cannot exceed.
  • Why is Google Ads a viable option?
  • Zoe runs a sports media website that caters to fans of many different types of sports. She’s starting a Google Display Ads campaign and is considering methods to reach her sports-loving audience.
  • What’s a compelling reason for Zoe to use Affinity Audiences?
  • A marketing director wants to acquire a lot of exposure for a new product line that her company’s launching. She understands that she can reach a significant portion of people on the internet with the help of a Display campaign. How could she achieve her marketing goal using a Display campaign?
  • A marketing director of a large team is looking to reach an audience at scale through Display campaigns. How might Display campaign reporting help with this objective?
  • An advertiser doesn’t have much time to create ads, and hopes to use a Display campaign to automatically create them. Which two building blocks must they supply in order for a Display campaign to automate their ad creation? Choose two.
  • Marco newest client believes Google Ads would be the ideal platform for his services, but he’s worried that his business can’t afford to compete. What can Marco explain about Google Ads to ease his client’s concerns?
  • A small pastry business is in the process of creating ads within their Display campaign. They find that there are two main ad formats that they can use. What are the two main ad formats used in a Display campaign? Choose two.
  • Display campaigns use full automation to optimize and automate nearly all aspects of the campaigns. Users only have to provide a few inputs. What can a user input in a Display campaign?
  • A retailer owns a large online business selling antiques. They want to create a Display campaign. What are two of the three inputs they must supply to create a Display campaign? Choose two.
  • Marta’s Display campaign has delivered results beyond her expectations. She knows she increase returns with added spend, but that’s not possible for her at the moment. How would Performance Planner benefit her in this situation?
  • Google Ads was constructed around three core principles focused on helping your business reach its online potential. The first of these core principles is relevance. Google Ads connects your business with the right people at the right time. Upon which other two principles was Google Ads built?
  • Jacob’s physical toy store relies on offline metrics such as store visits and in-store sales. He has heard that there are specialized campaign types that can help him meet these kinds of goals. Which campaign type is designed to help Jacob achieve his offline business objectives?
  • An advertiser has seen a lot of success with Google Search, and they’d like to increase their reach by creating a Display campaign. They’d like the setup to be as effortless as possible. What kind of targeting should they use in their Display campaign?
  • Trina is considering using automated bidding as she is looking to make her campaign management process more efficient. In what three ways can automated bidding improve efficiency? (Choose 3.)
  • An agency is interested in using automation to more effectively manage their Google Display campaigns. What’s one automation model that Display campaigns provide?
  • An advertiser is interested in generating conversions through Google Display ads, but they’re relying on the campaign’s help to set bids. Which two bidding strategies used in Display campaigns can they choose from to automatically set their bids? Choose two.
  • What is a key benefit of Display campaigns?
  • Siona is planning a new Google Ads campaign with the goal of capturing a minimum number of impressions for her ads. What type of automated bidding strategy should Siona use?
  • If visibility is the primary campaign goal, which bidding strategy would be the most effective for an advertiser to use?
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Google Ads Display Certification Exam Answers 2024 - PDF

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