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Google Ads Search Certification

Are you looking for Google Ads Search Exam Answers 2022 sheet?

Get Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers 2022 (Updated) and Become a Google Ads Search Certified Expert. Using this answer sheet, you will pass the Google Ads Search Exam

Google Ads Search Assessment Details:

  • Questions: The assessment is made up of 50 questions

  • Time: 75 minutes to finish the assessment

  • Passing Score: 80% or higher to pass

  • Retake Period: If you don’t pass, you can take it again after 1 day

  • Validity Period: 12 Months

If You Don’t Pass the Exam, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Answers Sheet Benefits:

  • A brilliant approach to scoring 100% out of the very first attempt.

  • All the latest questions and answers are updated.

  • Perfectly formatted in PDF Version.

  • Easy to find all the answers.

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Some Updated Questions:

  • Charlie is working to improve the quality score of a Google Search ad by improving his expected click-through rate (eCTR).

  • Which of the following actions might improve Charlie’s eCTR?

  • Lola is in the process of selecting a campaign type to suit her business objectives.

  • Why is it important that she consider business objectives before choosing her campaign type?

  • Barbara’s Boss Has Asked Her To Use Google Ads To Reach As Many Users Searching As Possible For Terms Around The Services Their Business Offers.

  • Which Keyword Match Type Would Help Barbara Reach The Most Search Queries That Potential Clients Are Using?

  • Layla Is Learning About The Benefits Of Using Search Ad Extensions And Has Come To Know That They Can Help To Increase User Engagement.

  • What Are Two Other Benefits That Search Ad Extensions Can Contribute To Performance? (Choose Two.)

  • Jacob’s Physical Toy Store Relies On Offline Metrics, Such As Store Visits And In-Store Sales. He’s Heard That Specialized Campaign Types Can Help Him Meet These Kinds Of Goals.Which Campaign Type Can Help Jacob Achieve His Offline Business Objectives?

  • Francis Tries To Explain To His Boss The Benefits Of Using Automated Bidding.

  • Match These Aspects Of Automated Bidding With The Benefits They Serve.

  • Tim is looking to buy a new skateboard. He goes to Google Search to research and purchase the best skateboard he can find.

  • Organize the following steps in the logical order to describe how Tim’s interaction with Google Search Ads would occur from start to finish.

  • Ingrid wants to acquire a lot of exposure for a new product line that she’s launching. She understands that she can reach a significant portion of people on the internet with the help of a Display campaign.

  • In what way will a Display campaign achieve Ingrid’s marketing goal?

  • Every ad contains a URL displaying your website address. You can add two optional path fields to the display URL in a text ad.

  • What’s an advantage of using these optional path fields?

  • Mary Has Been Familiarizing Herself With The Different Ad Components Of A Text Ad.

  • Match The Following Text Ad Component Descriptions With The Components They Describe.

  • Yuto Owns A Souvenir Shop In Tokyo. He Wants To Reach English Speaking Tourists In His City During Certain Hours Of The Day.

  • Which Three Areas Of His Search Campaign Does Yuto Need To Adjust To Achieve This Goal? (Choose Three.)

  • Brian manages his company’s Google Search Ads campaign. He regularly reviews the optimization score to make his Google Search campaign as effective as possible.

  • What’s Brian’s optimization score based upon?

  • Jerry understands that expected click-through rate is one of three main factors that determine the quality score of an ad.

  • What are the two other main factors that Jerry should focus on to improve the quality score of his ads? (Choose two.)

  • Which of the following goals can you achieve for your marketing campaign by using automated bidding?

  • Mario owns a store that sells skateboard equipment. Mario understands that people are most likely to notice his headline text in a text ad.

  • What should Mario include in his headline?

  • Michelle recently launched a new product called **Wonder Boots**. The brand has already become well-known in her industry. She wants to attract more traffic via Google Ads but only for searches that are solely for her product name (**Wonder Boots**).

  • Which keyword match type should Michelle use to attract traffic strictly for searches for the **Wonder Boots** product name?

  • Clara is an advertising director who’s tasked with optimizing her company’s Google Search campaign.

  • How can Clara use the optimization score to benefit her campaign?

  • Linda recognizes that a Google Search campaign could bring significant value to her eCommerce business.

  • Which two solutions can Linda achieve via a Google Search campaign? (Choose two.)

  • Rina has heard the term Quality Score mentioned before and is interested to learn what it actually is.

  • Which statement describes Quality Score?

  • Jimmy has completed the headline section of his text ad and is now writing the description section.

  • What are three factors that Jimmy should include in the description section of his text ads? (Choose three.)

61 ratings
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